Manto® Chemistry becames the qualified chemicals supplier of Tesla

Recently, the main performance indicators of Manto® HTF such as heat transfer, service life, and safety have completely defeated many international first-line brands. With its unique advantages and professionalism, Manto® Chemistry has become the qualified chemicals supplier of Tesla Shanghai Super Factory.


TESLA is an enterprise that pays great attention to the health of its employees. Because a certain heat transfer oil of an internationally renowned company which is previously used by Tesla has biological toxicity and is easy to oxidize and polymerize, an excellent product is needed to meet TESLA's requirement of safety and efficient production.

Manto's alkylbenzene HTF tackle the root cause that traditional alkylbenzene heat-conducting oils are prone to oxidation and coking due to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.Manto® Chemistry develops customized solutions to help customers improve work efficiency, reduce unnecessary downtime caused by improper use and maintenance, and at the same time extend the service life of equipment and heat transfer oil, reduce cleaning man-hours and material costs, thereby reducing the total cost of company. In the long-term cooperation with many customers, Manto® Chemistry has won unanimous affirmation from customers with its leading technical strength and excellent service, including international well-known brands such as Honda, Continental, CATL, Toyota, and Abengoa.

After various evaluations, the excellent performance of Manto® HTF has surpassed nearly 20 international companies. Manto® Chemistry has become the qualified supplier of TESLA. This is Tesla's affirmation to Manto® HTF product performance and technical service capabilities. Manto® Chemistry will also continue to summarize, innovate, and track the application status of Tesla's client to provides better quality, efficient products and services.